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Equine Herbs

When our equine friends were free to roam the vast acres of pasture land they would instinctively know where to find the necessary plants...

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Animal Aromatics

Aromatics for Animals

Animal aromatics practitioners use professional knowledge of aromatic plant extracts and their therapeutic values to help owners work...

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Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts for Health

Epsom Salt is non toxic, gentle and effective. It's use is also not restricted with competition or racehorses. It has little odour making...

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Welcome to Natura Equine

Natura Equine offers a comprehensive and very high quality selection of organic herbs.

In addition to the individual, our customers include medical and complementary practitioners, universities, scientists, animal carers & sanctuaries.

We pride ourselves on our reliable and focused 'one-to-one' customer service.


Please remember that unless otherwise stated all our herbs are organic